Among his many clients, Keith has served a number of well-known authors in his long publishing career. Below is a list of a few of the authors he has worked with:

T.D. Jakes, Woman Thou Art Loosed
T.D. Jakes is the author of the breakthrough book, Woman Thou Art Loosed, as well as numerous other best-selling titles. This is what he said about Keith:

"You have played a major part in encouraging me. I always trusted your motives to be pure...I have always thought that you were a person of integrity."
—T.D. Jakes

Jackie Kendall, Lady in Waiting
Jackie Kendall is the author of Lady In Waiting. Here is what she said about Keith:

"Because of your wisdom, experience and sensitivity, I am now a published author. Without your expert counsel, the negotiations would never have gone so smoothly."
—Jackie Kendall

Dr. Wanda Turner, Sex Traps
Dr. Wanda Turner is the author of Sex Traps. This is what she said about Keith:

"Not only a delight to work with...he recommended changes that benefited both the author and publisher. He was a visionary and could see 'the end from the beginning.' That was so important to me as a new author."
—Dr. Wanda Turner

Dannie Hood, The Desperation Zone
Dannie Hood is the author of The Desperation Zone, The Impossibility Zone, God's Time Zone, and Hope: An Anchor. This is what he said about Keith:

"Keith has been a great encouragement to me. His wisdom has helped make me a better author."
—Dannie Hood

Sandra Querin, The Prayer of Job
Sandra Querin is the author of The Prayer of Job and The Prayer of Moses. This is what she said about Keith:

"Keith Carrol has been a compass in my writing. I know that he's an encourager and we all need that from a coach. But, it wasn't encouragement that I needed; it was his insightful focus! Keith is able to take a large work and boil it down so that it's relevant to all who read it, no matter what their station in life. I am forever grateful to this man who has yielded himself in such a graceful way to the Lord."
—Sandra Querin

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